Mutiny BBS

Mutiny BBS - December 2021 Contest

Game: Mines of Gorr
Bonus: * Read Below *
Contest start: December 1st
Contest end: December 31st

First Place:

Winner: Gadzooks

A Mutiny T-Shirt and a $15 (USD) coupon for Jaded Chicken will be awarded to the player with the most experience points at the end of the contest.

Second Place:

Winner: Epiphany

A $7 (USD) coupon for Jaded Chicken will be awared to the player with the second most experience points at the end of the contest.

Game Restrictions:

Jaded Chicken Restrictions:



I received my "prototype" Mutiny T-Shirt and it looks, fits, and feels quite nice so I think I'm going to go with it! Here is a photo I snapped of it, click the photo for the full-size image:

When you win I will ask you what size you want and if you would prefer short or long sleeve. I'll cover the cost of shipping so you don't have to pay anything to get the shirt ... just win!

** Bonus **

Winner: Clover

To try to increase the activity in the message boards and get more usage and testing out of Mutant Basic I have decided that during the contest period you can also win a Mutiny T-Shirt through posting messages/responses and/or through Mutant Basic. Here's how it works:

This bonus contest will be based on points. The user with the most points will win.

The bonus prize will not be given to the first place contest winnner so if you are going for first place in Mines of Gorr AND you win the bonus then you'll be awarded the Mines of Gorr first place prize (1 T-Shirt and $15 JC coupon) and the bonus will go to the user with the next highest points.

How points are awarded:

1 Point for each post or response in any Local message board. This is subject to my own subjective interpretation. If you reply with "haha" or "lol" or you make a post such as "just checking in" then you will not receive points for that.

I certainly don't want to discourage such posts and any normal "conversation" will have some replies like this but they don't keep the conversation going and since the whole point here is to try to get conversations going in the local boards I'll only be awarding points to posts or responses which I deem to have such merit. I would recommend maybe contributing to "The Never Ending Story".

As mentioned above this only applies to posts/responses in Local message areas, not DoveNet, FSXNet, or Usenet.

25 Points will be awarded for any playable game in Mutant Basic. It doesn't have to be fancy and it doesn't have to be bug-free (Mutant Basic probably isn't bug-free yet) but it does have to be playable and published under the "User Games" section so that other users can play it. Remember to check out the Programmer's Reference Guide and also you might want to just try typing in some games from this book: Basic Computer Games.