Mutiny BBS

Mutiny BBS's Jaded Chicken Offer Details

By playing door games on Mutiny BBS you can win coupon codes for discounts on orders at Jaded Chicken! Jaded Chicken sells many retro-gaming goodness including Atari 2600 systems and games and more!


How to play

Global War

If you play Global War on Mutiny and the Sysop (Divarin) is one of the opponents, if you win that game you will win a coupon for $5.00 off your Jaded Chicken order. You will have to defeat Divarin as well as any other apponent(s) in the game and achieve world domination.

Bubble Boggle

If you play Bubble Boggle and have the high score at the end of the month (February 2019) then you will win a coupon code for $25.00 off your Jaded Chicken order. The month-end scores are the sum of each day's score for each player but you can play any day's game whenever you want, for example: If you can't call on February 14th you can play that day's game before or after the 14th.